About Us

The Samuel Caine Memorial Cancer Foundation was created in honor of our 3 month old son, who passed away July 2006. The foundation is an organized charity. Our mission is to raise awareness of Rhabdoid and other rare childhood cancers. Our goal is to help families to reconnect after tragedy, like ours.

There is so much focus on the ill child that other children get lost. Then when the unmentionable does happen parents are forced to make major decisions in a blink of eyes time. Too much going on while the family is still trying to process the entire scene. Fortunately that is when we come in and help the families.

We help them refocus on themselves and other children that may be involved. We try to bring back as much normalcy and peace as possible.

On August 23, 2006 we incorporated the name in the state of Missouri. So far we are spreading our wings and stretching across Missouri and Kansas. We are hopeful to see our wings spread further and further.

Information is so limited that there are hundreds of families, friends and individuals who cry for help, these people are so scattered throughout the world that their cries come across as whispers. We are hopeful that these cries one day will be one voice heard loud and strong.

Sammy's blood, liver and bone marrow cells are participating in Rhabdoid cancer research in hopes that his cells may help find some answers. It may be too late for Sammy but not for others. With further support we will be able to achieve our goals and accomplish our mission. Therefore, we are asking people to assist Sammy in helping others with rare childhood cancers. We know that there is power in numbers, so please join us in spreading our wings.